Theory and Research for Developing Learning Systems(TRDLS)

学習システム促進研究センターでは,『学習システム研究』とその英語版のTheory and Research for Developing Learning Systemsを刊行しております。
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TRDLS, 1(Mar. 2015)


Saeko Tanaka・Makoto Miyatani
Incorrect answer in pretest and memory fixation-[PDF]
Takumi Watanabe, Yu Osaka, Kazuhiro Kusahara
Graduate Teaching Assistant Work as a Learning System and its Significance:The Lessons of Chris Park’s Article for Pedagogy Researchers and Teacher Educators-[PDF]
Yu Osaka, Takumi Watanabe, Jongsung Kim, and Kazuhiro Kusahara
How Do Social Studies Pre-Service Teachers’ Learn Lesson Planning Skills?:Factors that Heighten Abilities Following University Enrollment and Support Measures-[PDF]
Fei Xiaodong
The Process of Learning Japanese Kanji (Chinese character) Words in Chinese-Native Learners of the Japanese Language:Effects of Orthographical and Phonological Similarities between the Chinese and the Japanese Languages-[PDF]

TRDLS, 2(Mar. 2016)

<Special Articles>

Stephan Ellenwood
How do we learn Virtue, Character, Morals and Social Responsibility?-[PDF]
Linda S. Levstik
How Research Informs Teaching for the Common Good[PDF]

<Original Articles>

Takuya Ochi and Tetsuo Isozaki
How Do Pre-service Science Teachers Develop Their Teacher Knowledge?:
A Qualitative Study Focusing on Teaching Practice in Schools-[PDF]
Yuta Ueda and Tetsuo Isozaki
Research into Development of Beliefs about the Goals and Purposes of Science Teaching : Analysis of Life Stories of Five Experienced Science Teachers-[PDF]
Takumi Watanabe
Development of a Professional Development Program to Promote the Reconfiguration and Exploration of Life Environment Studies as a View of the Subject : Analysis and Discussion of the “Essence” of Life Environment Studies-[PDF]

TRDLS, 3(Mar. 2017)


Linda S. Levstik
Questioning and Preparation for Teachers of History[PDF]
Gina Alicea
Experiential Learning through the Arts[PDF]

<Original Articles>

Yuka Nishimura and Keiko Itou
The process of overcoming difficulties faced by novice home economics teachers in elementary schools [PDF]
Norio Ikeno
The Issues and Problems of Multi-Cultural Education in Japan:Focus on Formation of Pluri-Identities [PDF]
Xiaodong Fei and Haipeng Li
Effects of Sentence Constraint on Processing of Auditorily Presented Words in Chinese Intermediate Learners of the Japanese Language:
An Experimental Study with Manipulation of Orthographical and Phonological Similarities between Chinese and Japanese Kanji Characters[PDF]
Teruko Ishikawa
Developing Mentoring Programs Supporting Curriculum Design by Japanese History Teachers[PDF]


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